Guns do you no good if they are unavailable, or you aren't properly trained. They can be dangerous in the hands of a child, the inexperienced, unstable, or in the hands of your attacker. I love guns, but considering how many idiots I see on the streets everyday; the thought of them carrying a handgun scares the crap out of me.

Steps in training:

  1. Safety Training: Start with a basic course in gun safety. If you live in Texas you could start by taking the Texas Hunter Education class. The NRA provides many training opportunities that include handgun safety. You can also check with your local gun ranges for beginner classes, and safety courses.
  2. Basic Firearms Training: Take a basic training class in firearms; these are often available through your local shooting ranges.
  3. Advanced Firearms training: Take an advanced training class in firearms; these are often available through your local shooting ranges.
  4. Combat Firearms Training: I will provide a list of recommended training centers here very soon.
  5. Practice Often: Make it a fun outing at least once a month; Practice, Practice, and Practice. Remember, “Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect!”


Below are my favorite guns for self defense

Concealed Carry: 
Taurus (any of their light weight concealed hammer revolvers in .38 S&W Special +P) $350 & up

Smith and Wesson 340PD (.357 Magnum® or .38 S&W Special +P) Suggested retail $1,153.00

Open Carry: 
Glock 22 (.40cal) (I prefer a modified Glock and I keep the first round a safety round [40 S&W 115gr Glaser] and all others are chosen for their quick take-down because of the hydro-shock effect [40 S&W 165gr COR®BON Self-Defense JHP])

Colt 1911or 1991 model (any model but I like the combat commander)

Home Defense: 
In a home or apartment you should choose ammo that is less likely to pass through a wall. 12, 20, or 14 loaded with bird shot, rubber shotgun slugs and a good safety round for pistols [like Glaser Safety Slug]

Winchester Home Defender or any 12gage sawed-off pistol grip riot style shotgun

Taurus Judge (revolver that shoots .45cal & .410 shotgun shells)

Basically you want a .22cal rifle, a 12gade shotgun, and a good rifle
I an particularly found of the Winchester 30-30 rifles

As a fan of Stargate SG-1 I really want a P90s (P90 is for military only as it is a fully automatic assault rifle), but the P90s is semi-automatic and available for personal protection [ammo is hard to find and expensive]

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