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Everyone should learn basic self-defense; you never know when it could save your life. What good is all the survival skills in the world if you can't protect yourself from the most dangerous predator on earth? Who is this predator you ask; human beings of course. Guess what, your one too! There is no excuse why you can't learn how to defend yourself from attackers.

Below is some useful tips from Chuck Wayne, four time black belt and soon to be Grand Master of Boxhapjusul a Hapkido derived martial arts style that is one of the worlds best martial arts for self-defense.

The following is a chapter from the book "Combat Box Hap Ju Sul" by Master Chuck Wayne

As we all know there are no guarantees in our life. We live from day to day not knowing what is in our path. We live in a violent time! A person is more likely to be attacked than ever before. Reports of assaults cases flood our society of bad news. In many cities its impossible to open a news paper, turn on a TV, or radio without hearing are seeing the stories of people being, robed, raped, kidnapped, sexually humiliated, beaten up, maimed or murdered. Is our only hope the police? The police are doing every thing they can to keep these things from happening. But we all now that they cant be everywhere at one time. And when crime hit’s you in the face, the bad guy will make sure the police aren’t going to be around.

We all have been experiencing some terrible things over the years. We lost love ones and friends in the 911 attacks. We watched and listened on our TV about the Katrina Hurricane and those that suffered, and those that also died in the hands of criminals. People beaten and maimed for no reason, rescue missions under fire. You never know if you are going to be helped by a good civilian or have to defend from a criminal minded crazed maniac.

I think it’s time to stop and take a good look in the mirror at your self. Take a deep breath and ask yourself one question? “ Well it ever happen to me or a member of my family?” And, “am I ready to defend my rights to live and keep my family safe.” I hope you are not one of those people that think that it will never happen to you, because, you don’t hang out in those bad areas. “If you’re really smart, you’ll never say the word never!”

‘ In my experience as a former police officer, “I say you have no idea when, where, what, or who the bad person is.” I think if we learn anything it should be right off our TV screen from the media. We saw the looters, beatings, and danger nature of weather.

People have been attacked in their own homes, grocery stores, parking lots, at the movies, restaurants, while driving their automobiles, shopping at the mall, even in churches. I once knew a man who was attacked while sitting on the toilet in a public restroom. He was beaten, robbed, and left to die. I knew a female that was raped and beaten while getting into her car from a convenient store. It all happened on the parking lot on her car hood. Also a woman that had her child pulled out of her arms and used as a negotiation tool to abduct her and later her and her child was sexually assaulted.

The problem lies within us. We don’t practice for the bad things. We don’t think ahead and prepare ourselves for these situations. We get complacent and try not to think of bad things happening to us. In reality, we should be thinking like a soldier would think when he enters combat. He knows he has been trained to shoot and fight. He knows what too look for, and he is thankful for having been trained to handle these things. He does not know if he will win, but he will defend his rights and his country to the death. Why would a soldier think like this? Because, he loves his country, his family, and he wants to survive so he can return home to keep his family safe.

A police officer is placed into the law enforcement academy to be trained for the events that may occur in his or her future. The officer must be prepared to handle the situation before it happens. They train to be observant, and to handle a physical situation. They step out of their patrol cars expecting something to go wrong.

This is the way we all should be thinking! When I was younger I got into a bad fight with some boys. The boys had me out numbered three to one. Needless to say, I lost the fight. I suffered from a bloody nose and a black eye, and maybe a little ashamed of my self and self-dignity. After that, I wanted to be able to defend myself, so I joined a martial arts school to learn self-defense. “Well, I was one of the few who decided not to just join martial arts, I married it.” I made a life long commitment to be the best of what I learned. I believe that I should be thinking ahead and prepare for unwanted situations.

Today I teach people how to do what I do. Although, many people today don’t want to make a college out of learning martial arts. But those that do, will be the ones that will make a deference and help teach others their skills. But any person can learn valuable skills to defend themselves by studying a few techniques. A person that does not want to go all the way can learn many great moves to defend themselves. They should at least attend a self-defense training program once or twice a year. They should spend at least a 40-hour class or a four-week course. Here is some of the best training that should be included in a self-defense program. A student should be learning how to get out of most common holds and grabs. A student should learn how to block a punch. A student should learn how to kick, and redirect their movements and their opponents. A student should learn how to hit and be hit, learning to react to violent behaviors. A student should also learn how to simulate and visualize an imaginary attack to train for dangerous scenarios. They should always consider sparing and physical practice with a partner or teacher for hands on training and true experience.

Now today many martial arts school don’t put a lot of real violent physical impact in training with their students. This is understandable due to all the lawsuit happy individuals. But in reality the best way to learn to defend your-self is to experience a black eye, bloody nose, and a few bruises here and there. I am positive that you will come out of your training very much alive and healthy. You’re new objective will be, a great self-confidence that you have the knowledge and skill needed to defend your rights.

You may ask me why you should have to experience these things to get good? “Well, my friend.” “No one is vulnerable, and if you have never been hit, and someone nails you in the kisser, you may go down. So if you have physical training you may get right back up and finish where they left off.” I would hate to think that you stayed down and took a beating because you where not capable of taking a hit. You should use that hit for your fuel to survive. Most of the time your adrenalin kicks in so fast you may not even feel the pain or blows to your body. Just keep a clear head and stay as calm as possible use that adrenalin for your strength. In all reality the more my students practiced getting hit and taken down they become somewhat immune and tougher than most. They learned to respond back fast with great reaction timing and with a clear head. The women were just as tough as the men. The students were taught to keep the body moving, swinging, kicking, and that prevents you from freezing up. As long as you react you will be active. This is also good because you learn to hit another body. If you accomplish hitting another person then in a real situation you will not hold back. Don’t let small things cross your mind such as blood. If you see blood don’t panic. It is good practice to even use artificial blood on you and your partner just to get the physiological thinking in process. Some people have a tendency to panic when they see their blood or others. A bloody nose, cut or swollen eye, does not mean you have lost or will lose a fight. “Remember what Rocky looked like in the movie fight scene?”

“Some people, (and I have heard the expression many times), say that they can handle themselves in a physical confrontation.” Although, some people feel tough, they never really trained to handle them-selves in a physical confrontation. Some people may have been in few physical confrontations in their life, but does that make them an experienced fighter? What if your opponent (the bad guy) has been trained in boxing or a disrespectful martial artist? Imagine yourself as an untrained fighter, and you are fighting back with everything you got, but nothing seems to work. He is getting the best of you! “Or worse, you being a good citizen by avoiding trouble and not prone to fight, find yourself unprepared, or maybe freezing up and take a sever beating.” You may even find yourself defending another person or a member of your family. What will happen to them if you lose? And if you are one of those individuals that can hold his or her grounds, how long will the fight take place or how hurt will you be. There are no guarantees even if you practice that you would win, although, I like the odds 50/50 chance better than a slim chance.

With proper training you can possible defeat an opponent within seconds of a fight. Get the fight over as fast and furious as possible without prolonging or adding injuries to you-self. You see these thugs are use to such physical confrontations. They live for the moment! They feed on the stuff. This is the kind of life they live for. Most of them are bluffing or bullies. Some may be bullies with a weapon. Most of them as the old saying goes, “won’t pick on someone their on size.” Or gender. Once a person decides to size them up, they may turn and run. Some of them like to fight because they like to hear the sound of your skull being crushed in their knuckles.

So it might be a worthwhile question to ask your-self, “am I ready or prepared for such a physical confrontation?” Do you want to be prepared? Are you willing to increase the odds in your favor? I hope you said yes! “That tells me that you want to better your life and be able to defend it when, or if time ever comes. “I hope that you never have the opportunity to be in an actual realistic situation. Although, if you’re ever in one, survival is your strength and your training is your tool.

We have talked about what you should do, and that would be to study some type of self-defense. I never talk bad about any self-defense discipline. There are many types of martial arts, boxing, and wrestling to get involved in. Most martial arts today teaches punching, blocking, and kicking. Other styles teach grabs and holds. Boxing teaches jabbing, boxing and dodging in and out. Wrestling teaches holds, throws, flips and so on. There are many to chose from. Today most towns have such classes, although they may not have a selection to choose from. I hope that wherever you are, you may be able to join a class.

My favorite martial arts for strong learning of self-defense are Hapkido, Judo, Boxing, and Kickboxing. The reason why I favor these styles are because of their combat form. You start off learning pure techniques. I have high degree black belts in three different disciplines; Tae Kwon Do, Kodokwan Judo, and Hapkido. I have also trained as a boxer. My favorite is Hapkido studies because it has all the styles wrapped up into one system. It has the throws of Judo, the punches and kicks of Tae Kwon Do, The joint locks of Aikido like the movie star Steve Seagull.

I know to some of you readers, all this may sound foreign to you, so let me explain a little bit of what they do. In Judo (meaning, gentleness or giving way) you will learn to use the art and mastery of various laws of nature: gravity, friction, momentum, velocity, weight transmission and unison of forces. Judo teaches grabs and throws of your opponents, or wrestling with them while on the ground.

In Tae Kwan Do (meaning, the punch, kick, block art) you may stop a front kick or punch with a strong-arm block and meet force against force. Its art teaches more of a process of attack and defend, by beginning and ending at a specific point through employment of speed, power, and constant maintenance of strong stance, or posture. It’s techniques clashes with an adversary’s power. It has many Kata forms to process before attaining ranks. Also popular for tournament competition.

In Hapkido (meaning the art of coordinated internal power) it uses non-resistance meet force with minimum force to deflect and not clash with an adversary’s power. It uses circular motions countering and attacking. The Hapkido system is a very powerful art. It’s joint-locks; throws, kicks and pressure points manipulations can become a very aggressive art of technique.

Today after training in various martial arts, I developed a system called Box Hap Ju Sul Hapkido. My purpose was to develop a martial arts that uses American style boxing, combined techniques, Judo, pressure points, body locks, joint locks, wrist holds and be able to progress at a faster pace in the ranking system. Most people do not want to spend a lifetime studding martial arts. If you were to study Hapkido it would take you somewhere around 15 to 20 years just to get to the 5th level in black belt. Students will possibly never learn all the techniques in the Hapkido system in a lifetime. There are over 10,000 techniques in Hapkido. Learning Hapkido is very honorable exciting and never boring, but very dedicated to an entire life and a student may never learn of all its art. So, I created Box Hap Ju Sul. You learn the best and most valuable techniques of Hapkido by not repeating similar techniques, a more practical and simplified movement in a shorter time, and place all these together and you have a magnificent art of self-defense.

---End of Chapter---

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