Tactical survival skills can be a great benefit in a survival situation, and can mean difference between life and death.


Everyone should learn basic self-defense; you never know when it could save your life. What good is all the survival skills in the world if you can't protect yourself from the most dangerous predator on earth? Who is this predator you ask; human beings of course. Guess what, your one too! There is no excuse why you can't learn how to defend yourself from attackers.


Guns do you no good if they are unavailable, or you aren't properly trained. They can be dangerous in the hands of a child, the inexperienced, unstable, or in the hands of your attacker. I love guns, but considering how many idiots I see on the streets everyday; the thought of them carrying a handgun scares the crap out of me.

Lock Picking

Lock picking is a skill that requires practice to perfect. Lock picking can be a great benefit in a survival situation. There are many methods to get into a locked door; some are destructive, and some are not. Learning to pick locks can be fun, and a great addition to your survival knowledge. Use these skills for fun, or as a last resort in a survival situation, but don't be a criminal!