Survival Skills that could save your life!

In every emergency situation there are survival skills that could save the life of yourself, and others. A thorough knowledge of basic survival skills can help you cope when an emergency arises. Being prepared is essential to your survival. Start with the most basic survival skills that everyone should know and practice in order to be prepared for emergency survival situation.

Survival Basics
(Wilderness Survival Guide)

Wilderness Survival Skills are the fundamental skills of survival that you will need to know for nearly every survival scenario.

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Be Prepared

Do you have the survival skills needed for a crisis? Are your survival skills up to date with the latest teachings? Have you practiced the basic survival skills presented on this website? If the answer is no, then you should follow the guidelines below, and prepare yourself. Even if you never need these skills, and I hope you don't, the knowledge of basic survival skills will build your confidence; by knowing that you are prepared should the situation arise.

  • Study: Study the survival skills that could save your life and the lives of others; learn the basic survival skills.
  • Train: Practice survival skills, and keep physically fit; get survival and emergency training. Enjoy outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and backpacking.
  • Plan: Plan for emergencies before they happen; Disaster Preparedness Planning; learn how to live from the land, and become self sufficient.
  • Prepare: Stockpile supplies, Survival foods (MRE's), and build a shelter (fallout, tornado, safe room). Gather camping, hunting, and fishing supplies.