Short and Long Term Survival Shelters

We have collected information on a variety of survival shelters including, storm shelters, safe rooms, nuclear fallout shelters, survival cabins, earth homes, and Apocalyptic shelters.

On this page you will find a number of resources from do-it-yourself shelters, to commercially built shelters. We have gathered a large list of shelter companies and added there website links for your convenience. We have also linked to many other websites that can provide additional resources on emergency shelters.

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Mobile & Portable Survival Shelters

  • Concrete Canvas Shelters - a rapidly deployable hardened shelters that require only water and air for construction. from Concrete Canvas of the UK
  • Temet LSS – 80 - Portable Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Shelter. - $9500
  • Industrial Portable Shelter - A full strength portable above ground tornado/bomb shelter; it's a little heavy for portability. Designed to be used as an on-site shelter that is moved by truck and crane; a great solution for construction sites, or any time you do not need a permanent structure. - lease for $86.00 a day and up -By Red Dog International

    Red Dog Shelters' Big Dog blast-resistant tornado shelter
    Red Dog Shelters' Big Dog blast-resistant tornado shelter

Budget Do-It-Yourself Shelters

Budget Do-It-Yourself Safe Room


Budget Do-It-Yourself Earth Homes & Survival Cabins

Commercial Shelters

There are a variety of companies that offer pre-built, or built-to-specs shelters. They have a large price range starting from a couple thousand dollars, to “the sky's the limit”.

  • One of the largest commercial shelter companies is Hardened Structures Hardened Shelters, LLC You can find them at You can think of them as the rich mans shelter company; if you have the cash then you can get a shelter built that rivals any you've seen in the movies.

Budget Pre-Built Shelters

Earth Homes

Storm Shelters

Safe Rooms

EMP Shielding

Nuclear Fallout Shelters (N.B.C. Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical)

Apocalyptic and Near-Extinction Event Shelters (2012 Shelters)

  • Genesis Series Underground shelters - Genesis Series from Hardened Structures Hardened Shelters, LLC

Large Community Shelter Systems

  • Genesis Series Underground shelters - Genesis Series from Hardened Structures Hardened Shelters, LLC

Other Shelters

  • Fortified Furniture for Home, Office, & School - Bullet proof & collapse proof furniture - great for earthquake shelter - from LifeGuard Structures