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With all of the information on the web, I was thinking that most of the information on good websites targets fishermen that already know a lot about fishing. This article will cover the very basics of how to fish for new anglers. If you are an advanced angler, this article is not for you because the information is very basic.

For new anglers, you need to learn some basic things that will allow you to start fishing. Here are some of the things you need to learn about before you get started: fishing tackle and equipment, types of live bait, types of fish, fishing knots and what fish are in the body of water that you plan on fishing.

As far as fishing equipment goes, you will need a fishing rod and reel. For new anglers, I recommend buying a spinning rod and reel combination. Don’t mix and match yet because you won’t know what reels work best with what rods. Go into a sporting store, find a sales clerk, tell them you are just getting started with fishing and you’d like to get a spinning rod and reel combo. Some rod and reel combos even have line on the reels already. Experienced anglers are going to spool their own reel with line, but for a beginner, one of these rods will work well for you. With this purchase, you have a rod and reel with line. If you spend $30 to $50, you can get a decent rod and reel combo.

Once you have your rod and reel set up with line, you will need to buy some hooks, weights and bobbers. This type of tackle is called terminal tackle and you will need it, especially when you start by fishing with live bait.

After you purchase a few dozen nightcrawlers, you’re ready to get on the water. Learn to tie some fishing knots so you can tie your line to the hook. The line needs to be pulled through the eyes of the rod before you tie on a hook. If you can, get an experienced angler to take you out for the first time to show you the ropes. They will show you how to set up your rod. If you are setting everything up yourself, try using a palomar knot. It isn’t too hard of a knot to tie and it works very well.

You are basically going to get set up with a hook and a nightcrawler with a bobber or weights. A bobber will keep your bait off the bottom and without a bobber, weights will help get your bait to the bottom.

Once you learn how to get set up, you need to start learning more about the types of fish, where fish will be in certain types of waters and the times that they are more likely to bite. Try to think of catching fish in the same way that you see people eat during the day. If you wanted to find the majority of people when they were eating, you’re going to look for restaurants around 8 in the morning, noon and 5 to 7 o’clock at night. These are the times that people eat and you can find them at restaurants because restaurants serve food. It seems simple enough, but for fish, the places to eat are more difficult to find. Once you learn where and when fish eat and what time of day they are more likely to feed, you will have a lot more success.

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