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Welcome to - Your modern day survival guide.

This site is dedicated to teaching, and sharing survival skills for any survival scenario. We strive to help people with emergency preparedness, disaster preparedness, disaster planning, hurricane recovery, hurricane relief, disaster relief, survival Kits, fallout shelters, safe rooms and apocalyptic survival preparedness. Combat Self Defense, Combat Handgun Training, Wilderness Survival, Sustainable Living, Disaster Preparedness, and just plain surviving is what this website is all about.

We also have resources for outdoor enthusiast; check out "The Great Outdoors" for your hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and backpacking needs. Having essential outdoor skills will increase your odds of surviving a multitude of scenarios; and is a great way to have fun by yourself, with friends, or with family. So learn some survival skills on this site, then go camping, backpacking, hunting, or fishing!

Be Prepared

The "Boy Scouts of America™" have a motto; Be Prepared. At Last Alive we share in that motto, in order to be prepared for any survival scenario you should follow the steps below.

Study: Study the survival skills that could save your life and the lives of others; learn the basic survival skills.
Train: Practice survival skills, and keep physically fit; get survival and emergency training. Enjoy outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and backpacking.
Plan: Plan for emergencies before they happen; Disaster Preparedness Planning; learn how to live from the land, and become self sufficient.
Prepare: Stockpile supplies, Survival foods (MRE's), and build a shelter (fallout, tornado, safe room). Gather camping, hunting, and fishing supplies.


What skills do I need to know?

The skills you need to know will depend on your environment, the survival scenario you may be facing, and the time you have to prepare. The following are examples of areas you will need for certain survival situations.

Keep in mind that wilderness survival skills are the essential base skill for all survival training. You should conceder camping and hiking in the wilderness to practice, and polish your skills.

If you are facing a hurricane in an urban area you should study the following pages.

If you are planning a trip to a cold region you should study the following pages.

If you are planning a trip to a tropical region you should study the following pages.

If you are facing a nuclear, biological or other major apocalyptic Scenario you should study the following pages. This section will also cover long term survival, Sustainable living, and self sufficiency. Building a green survival cabin that is self sustaining.

Take a look around our survival guide website, and bookmark it for future reference; you never know when the situation will require you to return. Do yourself a favor and go camping and hiking soon.

Thanks for visiting Last Alive! Dedicated to helping you survive in the wilderness and in the city!

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